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Report AttributeValue
ProjectSales table verification
Report Created28-Oct-2016 12:07
DTM Data Scrubber version 1.15.06, build: Oct 18 2016 16:47:14, UNICODE, x86
Database ConnectionConnected to SQL Server Native Client 11.0: .///NorthwindOld [Local Northwind DB]
Database System and VersionMicrosoft SQL Server [ 10.50.2550 ]
Verification Report Filed:\11.html
Cleaning Report Filed:\112.html
Project DescirptionSales table verification

Verification Rules, 3 items

Verification Rule, expected data isDescription
not (dbo.T1.ID between 1000 and 20000)ID is NULL
not (dbo.Customers.Fax is NULL) 
dbo.t6.HireDate value in result set of ''Any employee must be at least 18 y.o.

Cleaning Rules, 1 item

Cleaning RuleDescription
IF [always for dbo.LoadTest.Column1] THEN set to NULL