View: 'HumanResources.vJobCandidateEducation', Displays the content from each education related element in the xml column Resume in the HumanResources.JobCandidate table. The content has been localized into French, Simplified Chinese and Thai. Some data may not display correctly unless supplemental language support is installed.

Field NameType and Size
JobCandidateIDint identity NOT NULL
Edu.Levelnvarchar(max) NULL
Edu.StartDatedatetime NULL
Edu.EndDatedatetime NULL
Edu.Degreenvarchar(50) NULL
Edu.Majornvarchar(50) NULL
Edu.Minornvarchar(50) NULL
Edu.GPAnvarchar(5) NULL
Edu.GPAScalenvarchar(5) NULL
Edu.Schoolnvarchar(100) NULL
Edu.Loc.CountryRegionnvarchar(100) NULL
Edu.Loc.Statenvarchar(100) NULL
Edu.Loc.Citynvarchar(100) NULL