Table: 'Production.Location'

5 fields. 140 bytes.

Product inventory and manufacturing locations.

Field NameData TypeSizeOriginal TypeDefaultNullableDescriptionCheck
LocationIDsmallint identity smallint Not nullPrimary key for Location records. 
NameName nvarchar(50) Not nullLocation description. 
CostRatesmallmoney10,4decimal(10,4)(0.00)Not nullStandard hourly cost of the manufacturing location.([CostRate]>=(0.00))
Availabilitydecimal8,2 (0.00)Not nullWork capacity (in hours) of the manufacturing location.([Availability]>=(0.00))
ModifiedDatedatetime  getdate()Not nullDate and time the record was last updated. 

Extended Properties

The object has no extended properties.

Primary key for table 'Production.Location'

Primary Key NameField Name
There are no Foreign Keys for this table.

Indexes for table 'Production.Location', 2 items

Index NameDescriptionClusteredUniqueFields
PK_Location_LocationIDClustered index created by a primary key constraint.YesYesLocationID
AK_Location_NameUnique nonclustered index.NoYesName

Triggers for table 'Production.Location', 1 item

uLocationAFTER UPDATE trigger setting the ModifiedDate column in the Location table to the current date.after Update Yes

Dependencies for table 'Production.Location', 3 items

Object NameTypeField Name
Production.CK_Location_Availabilitycheck cnsN/A
Production.CK_Location_CostRatecheck cnsN/A