Product Performance

The comparison and synchronization process has three steps: schema loading, comparison and, if necessary, script generation. In DTM Schema Comparer, we have optimized all steps. Typically performance is shown in the following table:

Operation Performance1
Schema loading 18.1 objects per second2
Comparison 4.9 complex objects per second2
Comparison 56.4 simply objects per second3
Script generation ~170 statements per second

1) - Standard version with middle scale databases with about 680 tables in the primary database and about 460 in the secondary and about 40% differences. For this test, we used local SQL Server 2000 at the desktop system (Windows XP with 2 GHz CPU and 2Gb RAM).

2) - that means you need about 8.5 minutes to compare two 1000-tables databases with default settings in the same conditions.

3) - the complex object has child items like columns, related primary key, etc. Simply object has no child objects (view, procedure, trigger, etc).