About the database statistics software

DTM Database Content Analyzer Online Help is an analytic tool for database content investigations. It creates reports with statistics about database content.
There are reports:

  1. General report. It contains general statistical information about the database like a number of rows per table, table size, minimum or maximum row value, a number of unique values, etc.
  2. Size Report. It calculates the size of each table and total database size and sort tables from biggest to smallest.
  3. Value frequency report. The report shows statistics for each non-BLOB value frequency.
  4. Extended statistics report. It collects extended statistics for numeric values: means, median, variance, standard deviation, skewness, etc.
  5. Cluster Finder. The report finds compact value groups for numeric and date/time columns.
  6. Anomaly Data Finder. It scans database columns for unexpected values.

DTM Database Content Analyzer Online Help: General report options