Database Analytical Software Overview

DTM Database Content Analyzer is an analytical tool for data values stored in a database. It creates a few HTML reports for various aspects of data. There are:

  • General report (sample) contains basic information about selected tables and columns: number of rows, row and table sizes, etc. This report provides user with quick data overview.
  • Database size report (sample) calculates sizes of each stored data including large objects. It is quick way to find "fat" tables.
  • Value frequency report (sample) finds most frequent values for each selected column and table.
  • Extended statistics report (sample) contains detailed information about numeric columns with metrics like median, geometric mean, skewness or variance.
  • Cluster finer scans data for compact value group. It is a good way to understand value groups distribution.
  • Anomaly finder scans data for unexpected values. In most cases it can identify wrong or incorrect data values.

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Key Features

  • Six predefined reports for most important aspects of stored data.
  • All HTML reports are printable. There are no unnecessary values, texts or design elements.
  • The user allowed to customize each report with Settings window.
  • DTM Database Content Analyzer is a software that supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003/2008/2012/2016.

Why DTM Database Content Analyzer

  • The analyzer is database independent. It can work with SQL Server as well as with Oracle database or Microsoft Access file.
  • Rich report customization facilities with CSS and custom HTML document prologue.
  • More than 30 settings enables the user to tune the reporting process and software behavior.

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