Test Data Generation Script

The test data generation script is a language that allows the user to define complete test data generation project with connection options, output options, database or file schema definition and test data generation rules.

There are two ways to create the script: export* it from DTM Data Generator or create it manually.
* - see export limitations.

There are three main reasons to deal with scripts and script compiler:

  • The compiled file works 3 to 10 times faster than the same project executed in DTM Data Generator.
  • The generated executable files can be redistributed without additional or hidden fees.
  • Use generated C# output as a part of another project.

The script is a text file with one command per line. This document describes all commands and provides a few examples.

Syntax notes:

  • The compiler ignores spaces and tabs outside quoted values.
  • Any property must be quoted by ' " ' sign.
  • Comments begin with '#'. The compiler ignores text starting this sign to end of the line.

The DTM Data Generation Script Compiler is a tool that converts script to Windows executable file and (optional) C# source file. The licensed compiler user allowed to redistribute created executable file without royalty.