Test Data Generators

The program has test data generators menu. It contains a few most useful generators those can be selected by one click.

DTM Data Generator for JSON: test data generators menu

There are:

  • "No value" makes empty value for node or attribute.
  • "Constant" generates fixed value in any case.
  • "Random String" create a random alphabetical string.
  • "Random Integer Number".
  • "Autoincremental Integer Value" creates a sequence of integer values with custom step (1 by default)
  • "Random Float Number".
  • "Random Date"
  • "Random Time"
  • "Full Name" generates first and last name string with space separator
  • "First Name"
  • "Last Name"
  • "Phone (3+7)" generates phone number with area code.
  • "E-mail"
  • "Address" generates home and street address string.
  • "Country"
  • "State" retrieves random US State name from predefined library.
  • "City"
  • "Street"
  • "ZIP code"
  • "Company" retrieves random company name from the predefined value library.
  • "Industry"
  • "Web Site" generates string like "www.name.com"
  • "IP Address"
  • Regular Expression
  • Custom Generator

See also: generator options.