Test JSON Object Generator Overview

DTM Data Generator for JSON is a utility for developers and QA engineers who need to generate test JSON documents in a bulk manner for software or service testing purposes. The structure of the document can be defined by the user manually or imported from existing JSON file. The program based on data generation engine that supports complex data generation and value-to-value dependencies for smart data creation. The built-in Value Library with predefined lists (names, countries, cities, streets, currencies, industries, departments, companies, etc.) helps the user to make test data more realistic.

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Key Generator's Features

  • Import structure of JSON file from sample file or enter it manually.
  • Combine a few structures to single output file format.
  • Dozens built-in data generators (address, phone, e-mail, URL, names, etc) produce random but realistic test data.
  • Fast and powerful pattern engine for advanced or complex test data generation with dependencies and relationships.
  • Local or remove database data, Excel spreadsheets, text files, and XML documents are supported as a source for data generation.
  • Web-based file (via HTTP or FTP) can be used for source data extraction.
  • DTM Data Generator for JSON is an application that supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003 or newer.

Why DTM Data Generator for JSON

  • The data preview feature makes the design of the data generation rules more intuitive.
  • Repeat the whole node and repeat value functions enable users to create large objects.
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros generate unique set of files, if necessary.
  • Enhanced database integration support: default connection, prologue and epilogue scripts.
  • The generator supports compact and indent modes for JSON object presentation.
  • Supplemental software for loading test data to popular document-oriented NoSQL databases: MongoDB, CouchDB, and RavenDB.
  • The unattended mode allows users to run the file making process under scheduler like Windows Schedule system.

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