JSON Document: Arrays and Objects

How to add...


  1. Enter item name in the "Name" edit box. The program allows you to enter data generation engine call as a name if necessary. Use "is pattern" check-box for this purpose.
  2. Click "Add" button
  3. Click "Object" as an item type
  4. Assign data generator and options to the item
  5. Click "Update"
DTM Data Generator for JSON: one JSON-object definition

Array of values

  1. Keep item name empty and click "Add". It will be replaced to <unnamed>
  2. Set "Array" as an item type
  3. Assign data generator and properties for array's elements
  4. Click "Update"
DTM Data Generator for JSON: array of values definition

Array of objects

  1. Create an array as described in the previous section but set "No value" generator
  2. Set array length parameters
  3. Create child item as an object by clicking "Add"
  4. Assign object properties (see Object section above)

In this example we've used $Inc() function call as a part of item name:

DTM Data Generator for JSON: array of objects definition