Command line options and execution

The professional edition of DTM Query Reporter supports following command line switches:

-r - if project file was configured, run the report automatically at the program startup.

-q - quit application after project execution.

-c - console mode*.

-s** - source SQL file with query. Examples: -sd:\sql\query.sql or -s"d:\My sql scripts\query.sql"

-o** - output file. Examples: -od:\reports\customers.doc or -o"d:\My documents\John\results.html"

-v** - file with values. Example: -vd:\vals.txt

* - the console mode is an execution manner when the program doesn't open any windows or dialogs and doesn't need any actions from the user. A project file for the console mode must be prepared and tested beforehand. This mode enables you to integrate the product with the Windows task scheduler as well as to execute projects prepared beforehand according to the schedule.
** - applicable to the console mode only. The options do not change project file, i.e. the software uses them at run time only.

Also, you can use project file name as a command line parameter.

Note: -r and -q switches are not required in the console mode. The program applies them automatically.


qr.exe -q 

In order to execute a predefined project file at 12:00, use the following command line:

at 12:00 "qr.exe -c d:\SQL\ShippersReport.qrp"