Types of Check-up

The program supports the following types of data checks:

  • Compare the field value with a constant, another field or expression
  • Are there values matching a regular expression
  • Compare the field value with an SQL statement execution result. The program uses the first value of the first column.
  • Does the value NULL
  • Does the value empty
  • Does the value within the range of values
  • Does the value contain substring
  • Does the value in the specified list. Use ',' as value separator. Non-significant spaces are not allowed.
  • Does the value in the result set of SQL statement execution. The data scrubber uses the first result set only.
  • Does the value has well-known format like URL, e-mail, phone number, etc.
  • Find the value in the list of predefined data like countries, codes, currencies, etc. This collection called 'Value library'.
  • Check that the SQL statement from items page successfully executed.

Also, there is "unconditional" check. It means the cleaning action will be executed for any data item.