XML Document Structure Definition

This window helps the user to operate with XML document structure:

  • View and navigate with structure
  • Add, remove or rename nodes
  • Move leaf nodes up or down in the level
  • Add, remove or modify attributes and values
  • Assign data generators for attributes and values

There are three type of nodes: mandatory DTM Test XML Generator: Default, mandatory node, optional DTM Test XML Generator: optional node and group of nodes DTM Test XML Generator: group of nodes.

The window has two panels: nodes tree at the left side and attribute editor at the right. The right panel shows attribute list for the node currently selected in the tree.

DTM Test XML Generator: XML Structure and data generation properties

The node tree has the context menu that helps to access local tree functions like copy selected node name.
DTM Test XML Generator: node list context menu

The attribute list has the context menu that helps to access local functions like copy attribute name.
DTM Test XML Generator: attribute list context menu