User Interface

The main window of the tool consists of three blocks:

  • Column list (left side)
  • Currently selected column properties (right side)
  • Output file properties (bottom side of the main window).

The column properties block has:

  • Column name. It is optional, 'FieldN' will be used by default.
  • Column size or width. This setting is also optional except "fixed width" output. The maximum field width is 4096 symbols.
  • The generator is the only mandatory parameter.
  • Generator options. The options depend on generator type and available not for all generators.
  • Sample output. It shows a few generated values for the generator and options.
  • Pattern. For most cases, it is read only and present for information purpose only. The user can modify this text for 'custom generator'.

To add column click "Add" toolbar button or select the menu item. To modify existing column properties select the corresponding line in the list and change property at the right side of the window. To drop column select it and click "Delete" toolbar button.