About the text/CSV test data file creation tool

DTM Flat File Generator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to create test files: Unicode(UTF-16) or ANSI depends on project settings. It supports tab-delimited, comma-separated output as well as fixed width files or files with user defined separators.

The generator's project corresponds to single output file. The project file stores columns definitions and general properties like file format or number of rows to be generated. The tab-based interface enables user to operate with a few opened projects at once

Each file column (or field) has a few properties like name and size*. Most of them are optional. But you must specify generator for each field. The generator is a rule that the program will use to create test data.

You can specify file structure manually by adding columns line by line. Otherwise, the program can help you to import structure.

DTM Flat File Generator: main window

  • * - the program uses column size (or width) for "fixed width" output format only.
  • the tool accepts $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros in the output file name.