H1 2017 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
20-mar-2017 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.12 Legacy OEM-conversion function removed from import and export
16-mar-2017 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.09 Export table hotfix for CSV output
13-mar-2017 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.08 Unicode string export and migration improvements for MS SQL Server
10-mar-2017 DTM Data Generator Multiplatform Runtime 2017.2 System diagnostics and logging enhancements
16-feb-2017 DTM Data Generator Multiplatform Runtime 2017.1 Cumulative connectivity module update
08-feb-2017 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.07 Export table list hotfix for Text/CSV output
30-jan-2017 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.06 Better support ANIS encoding for the external scripts
13-jan-2017 DTM Test XML Generator 1.20.05 Cumulative user interface update
05-jan-2017 DTM Data Generator 2.00.21 Bulk table creation rule user interface hotfix
02-jan-2017 DTM Query Reporter 2.04
  • User defined templates for HTML output support released
  • Embedded query support in title, header and footer added