Database connections
The standard and professional versions of SDK allows the user to create a few database connections. The connection can be used to generate test data as a source of the data. Please refer to from table and by SQL fill methods for details

Connect to database
DG_HANDLE ConnectDB(char *DataSource, char *user, char *Password, char *database)

Important: please use empty strings instead of null pointers for optional parameters.

int ConnectDB(string DataSource, string user, string Password, string database)

'DataSource' is name of predefined ODBC data source. Please use ODBC Administrator (odbcad32.exe or Control Panel icon) to prepare this name.
'user' and 'password' are optional and define login (user name) that will be used for connection.
'database' is optional as well and can be use with Microsoft SQL server only.

Execute SQL statement
int ExecDB(DG_HANDLE connection,char *sql)


int ExecDB(int connection,string sql)

Note: current SDK edition does not allow the user to operate with result set of this function. You should use it with INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or procedure call SQL statements only.

void DisconnectDB(DG_HANDLE connection)