Data Generation SDK

DTM Data Generation SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a set of functions that allows the programmer or advanced user to:

  • automate DTM Data Generator operations (creation and modification of the projects)
  • use DTM Data Generator together with customer's application
  • add powerful data generation features to user's application, service or script

This SDK offers a few levels of services (API, Application programming interface):

  • Basic or Low-Level API allows the user to generate single data items like strings, numbers or dates with specified properties.
  • Fill Methods level API offers same fill methods as DTM Data Generator except "By Formula".
  • Rule level API helps the user to operate with data generation rules. In most cases, the rule corresponds to one table to be populated. This level contains functions to manipulate individual data generation properties for each column of the table as well.
  • Project level API operates with sets of rules. Also, this level supports project execution and results handling.

There are three editions of the SDK (Core, Standard, Professional):

Basic Level supportYesYesYes
Fill Methods level supportYes*YesYes
Rule level supportNoYesYes
Project Level supportNoYesYes
x64 editionNoNoYes
Redistributable. The license allows royalty-free distribution of SDK-based solutions.NoNoYes

* - Excepts methods require database connections like "by SQL statement" or "From Table".