Rule properties

GetRuleProperty retrieves property of the specified rule.
char* GetRuleProperty(RULE_HANDLE handle,int PropertyID)

string GetRuleProperty(int handle,int PropertyID)
returns property value or empty string for incorrect parameters.

SetRuleProperty set value for the specified property of the rule.
int GetRuleProperty(RULE_HANDLE handle,int PropertyID,char *value)

int GetRuleProperty(int handle,int PropertyID,string value)
0 for success
-1 for invalid rule handle
-2 for unknown or unsupported property ID.

COM object offers "RuleProperty" string property for described functions. You should not use "SetRuleProperty" and "GetRuleProperty" functions directly in this case.

Rule Property Definitions

NameProperty IDDescription
RP_tabName1Table name to be populated by the rule.
RP_sqlBefore2SQL script that will be executed before the rule. ';' or 'go' separator required for complex scripts.
RP_sqlAfter3SQL script that will be executed after the rule. ';' or 'go' separator required for complex scripts.
RP_note4Rule note (comment)
RP_UpdWhere5Where clause for Update mode
RP_sOutFileSQL6File name for individual rule SQL output
RP_sOutFileTXT7File name for individual rule text output
RP_sTarget8Target table name for Scramble Mode
RP_Records9Number of rows to be generated by the rule
RP_PerTrans10Transaction size or 0 for auto commit
RP_mode11Rule type: 0 for Data Rule, 1 for Table Rule, 2 for Object Rule, 3 for File Rule and 4 for Clear Rule
RP_insMode12Insert mode: 0 for append, 1 for replace, 2 for Update and 3 for scramble