From Values Library fill method

Library Initialization
DG_HANDLE InitLibrary(char *LibraryLocation, char *LibraryItem)

int InitLibrary(string LibraryLocation, string LibraryItem)
'LibraryLocation' is a full or relative path to the file contains Values Library.
'LibraryItem' specifies list of values. See table below for acceptable options.

Generate value
char* LibraryValue(DG_HANDLE handle,int sequentially)

string LibraryValue(int handle,int sequentially)
Not 0 'sequentially' value means the function will return values from the library item sequentially, random otherwise.

Default Values library contains at least following items:

Item NameDescription
ColorsEnglish colors (145 items)
NamesSample full names (about 380 items)
LastNamesList of sample last names
departmentsTypical departments
IndustriesList of industries
CurrencyCodesWorld currency codes (3 symbols)
monthesEnglish months list
companiesThe list of about 680 most known companies
FemaleFirstNames Female names
MaleFirstNamesMale names
EuropeanCitiesList of European cities
EuropeanCountriesList of European countries
EuropeanCapitalsList of capitals of European countries
CountriesWorld countries list
regionWorld regions
US_ZipCodesZIP codes (USA)
US_StatesList of US states
US_StateCapitalsList of US state's capitals

Note: all DTM Data Generator customers can create own library or modify default library with Library Builder and included sources.