Rule item properties

SetItemProperty changes selected property of the specified item
int SetItemProperty(ITEM_HANDLE handle, int PropertyID, char *value)

int SetItemProperty(int handle, int PropertyID, string value)
0 for success
-1 for invalid rule handle
-2 for unknown or unsupported property ID.

GetItemProperty retrieves property of the specified rule's item.
char* GetItemProperty(ITEM_HANDLE handle, int PropertyID)

string GetItemProperty(int handle, int PropertyID)
PropertyID is property code from DG_ITEM_PROPS list (see table below or DGSKD.H).

COM object offers "ItemProperty" string property for described functions. You should not use "SetItemProperty" and "GetItemProperty" functions directly in this case.

Property definitions

NameProperty IDDescription
IP_Name1Column (field) name
IP_Start2Start value for incremental fill method
IP_Step3Step value for incremental fill method
IP_Times4Use each value for incremental fill method
IP_Cycle5Cycle length for incremental fill method
IP_AfterLast6Insert value after last existing value for incremental fill method
IP_isUnique8The library should generate unique values fir this item in case this value is non-zero
IP_isSeqent9The library should use values from the list sequentially in case this value is non-zero
IP_method10Fill method: 0 to 10
IP_UseNulls11% of NULL values
IP_SequenceLen12Sequence length. How many times the program should use one generated value
IP_MinLength13Minimum value or length
IP_MaxLength14Maximum value or length
IP_RndSeparators16% separators for random strings
IP_Formula18Formula for corresponded fill method
IP_table19Linked table for "From Table" fill method
IP_column20Linked column for "From Table" fill method
IP_LibName21Library item for "From Library" fill method
IP_mask22Mask for "By Table" fill method
IP_sFormat23Output format string (%d, %5.2f, etc)
IP_Where24Where clause for "From Table" fill method
IP_Order25"Order by" clause for "From Table" fill method
IP_SQL26SQL statement for "By SQL" fill method
IP_incTimeMode27Time Mode for incremental method: 0 for second, 1 for minute, 2 for hour, 3 for day, 4 for month or 5 for year