Sample Projects

You can find a few useful sample project in the "examples" sub-folder of the software installation directory.


This example generates sample message to the customer and demonstrates us of the following functions $Rdate, $Today and $Lib. Also, you can see how to use expressions and list of values. The "optional" command with default probability is also used in the project.


The "log" example generates a simple log with timestamp and mandatory and optional data. It shows $Now function call, '[...]' and '<...>' features and "repeat" command.

Configuration File

This sample produces sample INI-style configuration files and demonstrates a use of $Rint, $Inc, $Lib and $Rdate functions, "file" label, "optional" command and 'N' pattern item.

File List

The example generates the list of files, one per line with a drive letter, path and file name. It deals with $RString and $IfR functions and "repeat" command.


This example creates the simple HTML file with random references to CSS and JS files, title, description, and content. It shows how to use $Text function.

Corporate Structure

This example demonstrates nested "repeat" command use with a random number of iterations. Also, it shows $RDate and $Lib functions call.