About the template-based test file generator

DTM File Factory is a template based test file generator. It uses template file as a source and generates a few test files with same structure and various content:
DTM File Factory: template based test file generation

The software is suitable for IT departments and QA teams for test data generation purposes. It was designed to create thousands of test files fast and easy. The built in Data Generation Engine with about 50 internal functions and expression engine makes DTM File Factory flexible and suitable for most generation purposes. The Engine allows users to use external files, databases, Excel spreadsheets, XML documents and web-based files as a data sources in the test data creation process. Sample projects.

The user interface consists of three tabs: template editor, preview window, and options page. The preview windows is a one-click way to view sample generated file content. The target directory and output file name pattern can be specified at the options window.

DTM File Factory: user interface