Database catalog - The collection of system tables, tables that store metadata about that specific database.

Database record - one row in a table (table can be a result of SQL-query).

Database schema - logically connected, usually owner-based, set of DBMS objects (tables, views, procedures etc).

DBMS - database management system.

DBMS connection - the fact that both client and DBMS server have signed a contract and ready to query and data communications.

Drag-n-drop - the file manipulation technique when the mouse is used to move the file from the place of storage to the program, which performs processing.

SQL language - the declarative language used to manipulate the data and its' structure in the modern DBMS and their client applications.

IDAPI - Integrated Database Application Program Interface, unified DBMS access interface.

OCI - Oracle Call Interface, access interface for Oracle Server.

ODBC - Open Database Connectivity, unified DBMS access interface.

Metadata - information about data. See also: database schema

SQL statement - single SQL operator having the complete role in a data manipulation script.

SQL-server - program or program complex, which is able to execute the SQL-queries.