Database Schema Report

Database Schema Report contains information about database objects: tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, data types, etc.

DTM Schema Reporter Online Help allows you to choose which tables, views, procedures, or synonyms will be included in the report and to set the object's order. Moreover, the program allows you to create or edit descriptions for tables, columns, views, synonyms, and procedures; these descriptions will be included in the report as well.

DTM Schema Reporter allows you to include the following objects in the schema report:

Object Item Description
Table Column data type The system or user-defined data type like 'int' or 'VARCHAR2'.
  Column size (width) For sizable data types like 'char' or 'varchar' only.
  Column nullability Does column accept NULL values or no.
  Column default Default value for the column.
  Check constraints Table and column level value limitations.
Table Description Table description
Column Description Column description
Table Primary key Key name and columns
Table Indexes Index name, indexed columns, and index properties
Table Triggers Table level trigger name and properties
Table Foreign keys (relationships) Key name, columns, and linked table information
Table Dependencies Dependent objects of the table
View Column list List of column provided by view
View Dependencies Dependent objects of the view
Synonym   Basic information about synonyms
View Triggers Triggers associated with the view
Procedure/Function Parameters List of parameters with name and data type
Procedure/Function Dependencies Dependent objects of the procedure or function
Rule   Basic information for rule (Microsoft SQL Server only)
Database Trigger Database level triggers information (Microsoft SQL Server only)
Table. column, view or procedure Extended properties Extended properties of the database object
Database Data type Name, code, parent type (if applicable), searchable, nullable, etc.

DTM Schema Reporter Online Help: Database Schema Report Options

"With DDL script" option means the program should include SQL statement for the object into the schema report. It is switched off by default.