Product Settings

There are three groups of settings: general product options, report customization settings, styles settings for RTF/DOC output.
The general settings are:

Option Default Value Description
Default report type Schema Report Defines report's panel that will be activated after program startup: schema or security.
Log level Default Defines quantity and refinement of error or diagnostics messages that the program will write to the log file.
Log file location Empty, default location Defines custom path log file. An empty value means default location.
Help compiler Empty User should define a path to Microsoft HTML help compiler if the program could not find this tool automatically. This option is mandatory if CHM (Windows HTML help) output is required.

The report customization settings are:

Option Default Value Description
Add Title/Header to report On When this option is switched off the program skips title block of the object.
Add record length... Off Instructs the reporter to add a length of the record and number of columns into the report.
Report about empty lists Off The software product can add information about empty object lists (for example, "No PK is present for this table.") if you turn this option on.
SQL syntax highlighting On The option is suitable for HTML/CHM and Doc/RTF formats only. The program uses black and white output if the option is switched off.
Report strings profile location Empty. means "tmpl/english.ini". "Report strings profile" is a text file (Windows INI) that the program uses during report generation. The file contains all static report strings. The user should change it to customize or localize the report. The program uses default profile for empty value. The default file is located at "tmpl" subdirectory and named "english.ini".
HTML Document Language en-us Please change these options for non-Latin output.
HTML Document Charset iso-8859-1 Please change these options for non-Latin output.
Exclude objects by name dt_, sys, dtpro, _WA_, INFORMATION_SCHEMA It helps the user to exclude from reports database objects by the mask. If the name of an object begins from one of the specified masks, the program will skip object during report generation.
Default report title Database Schema Report The program will copy this title to new projects.
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