Views, Procedures and Synonyms Selection

DTM Schema Reporter allows you to select views, synonyms and stored procedures which will be added to the report. Press "Views" (or "Procedures") button at the main window to open the corresponding dialog. By default, all objects are on. You can remove any view (or procedure) from the report by unmarking a checkbox near the object name.

Also, you can add small text descriptions for views and stored procedures:

  • To set or update a description, select the object and double click. Enter text in pop-up window and select OK
  • To remove a description, select the object and enter an empty string in the pop-up window.

Use "Select all" and "Clear selection" buttons to mark all objects in the list or to remove the selection for all views or procedures. Also, the user can select required tables by case sensitive mask (name substring) using related edit box and button.

You can use "Up" and "Down" buttons for move object position up or down in the list. Then the objects will be presented in the report in the corresponding order.

DTM Schema Reporter: reporting item selection window

The dialog saves the sizes and positions of windows either for the current session or between sessions.

See also: about descriptions.