Report Output Options

The program has a few settings and options that help you make your report more flexible and manageable.
These settings are:

Option Default Value Description
Output format Off A set of check-boxes allows you to select one or more output formats. The current version of the DTM Schema Reporter Online Help supports RTF (Microsoft Word compatible), HTML (three options - use drop-down menu to select), XML, PDF, CHM (Windows HTML Help), MS Excel and plain text target formats. You can create a report with one or more formats at once.
HTML Document type Single It defines HTML output type: single document, frameset or one document per database object.
Save the report to Empty These edit boxes allow you to specify one or more output file name.
Report title See settings The program uses this string as report title.
Open the created report with... Off The program automatically opens the results with an application associated with the selected report type (MS Word, Internet Explorer, Notepad etc.) after execution.
The format for automatic open N/A The program can open only one output file automatically. This drop-down menu allows the user to select the format that will be opened.
Include summary information On The option switches on or off report header that includes general information like connection properties, report date, product version, etc.
Table of Content On Include or no table of content for DOC/RTF and HTML output.

You must specify the file name to save the newly created report to for at least one format. Use "Browse" buttons to select destination file. Warning: when you change the target report format (RTF, HTML, XML, CHM, PDF, Excel*, or plain text), be sure that the file extension complies with the report type. Otherwise, you will have a problem when opening that file with the associated application. In most cases, you can use $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros in the file name to make reporting output more flexible.
* - installed Microsoft Word is required.

DTM Schema Reporter: Report output options

The program saves the major settings and options even if you don't use project files.

See also: settings