DTM File Factory Revision History

Version 1.05.04 (14-JAN-2019)
  • Cumulative data generation engine update
  • Complete user interface Unicode support
  • ANSI and UTF16 template and output support
Version 1.04
  • GUI improvements: menu, new hot keys, etc.
  • REST Call added as output mode
  • Pattern engine extension: $Script function added
Version 1.03
  • Write result to standard output option added
  • Call external executable for each file option implemented
  • User interface improvements for better resizing
Version 1.02
  • Binary template support improved
  • New hot keys and a few GUI enhancements (menu, toolbar, etc.)
  • New options and Settings Window
Version 1.01
  • Editor context menu added
  • Insert 'repeat', 'optional' and call menu items added
  • 'Default database' feature implemented
  • Value-to-value references support improved

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