Database Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem descriptionPossible reasonSolutions
Required database type not present in the list at Direct Connection and Desktop Connection pages   Switch to "data source" connection mode and select data source from the list or configure new one with "Manage" button.
Required format is in the direct connection list, but not available (disabled). ODBC driver for your database does not installed or not configured properly. Install required driver. If it is already present in the system, please contact our support staff.
Errors during direct connection.Compatibility problems. Try to create data source for your database connection.
Login error for correct user name and password. Read-only desktop data file. Try to change file mode to 'read and write'.
I can't see relationships, defaults, etc in my Access Database. Access interface. Try to switch on "Use Microsoft Jet" check box at the "Desktop File" page of the Connect Window.