Database table rows

The list of records in the table is displayed on the middle panel of the program window. You can navigate through records by:

  1. Using the Home, End, Up, Down, etc keys
  2. Selecting the items you need in the Record menu
  3. Using the navigation buttons on the toolbar
  4. Directly selecting the record you need with a mouse click

DTM Data Editor: Data rows list

If there are more records in the selected table than it is specified in the corresponding option (2000 by default), you will see the dialog box that will allow you to select one of the options:
  1. show all records (it can take a considerable amount of time)
  2. create a filter for records in the table
  3. view top N records (100 by default)
  4. do not show records at all

DTM Data Editor: Size warning

The moment you change the current record in the list, the panel with the form automatically displays the detailed information about the selected record. If you change the current record without saving the made changes, the program will display the corresponding warning:

DTM Data Editor: Save warning

Now you can update the current record in the table or save it as a new record.

Note: please use "Record->Refresh rows list" menu item or corresponding button on the toolbar to refresh the list of rows.