Hot keys
Hot Key Operation
 Ctrl+D  Disconnect current connection
 Ctrl+F  Search and replace
 Ctrl+G  Go to specified record No in data grid
 Ctrl+I  Save as new record (INSERT)
 Ctrl+O  Connect to data source
 Ctrl+Q  Exit program
 Ctrl+S  Sort current recordset
 Ctrl+U  Update current record
 F1  Show help file
 F4  Run external editor for current field
 F6  Next pane
 Shift+F6  Previous pane
 Alt+F7  Product settings
 Ctrl+Alt+F7  View options dialog
 Page Up  Focus on row list: page up
 Focus on form: prev record
 Page Down  Focus on row list: page down
 Focus on form: next record
 Up  Focus on row list: prev record
 Focus on form: prev edit control
 Down  Focus on row list: next record
 Focus on form: next edit control