Command Line Options

DTM Migration Kit supports following command line switches:

-r - if present, run current project at the program startup

-s - skip Welcome screen

-q - quit application after the project execution

-p - switch Performance Mode on

-l<file> - custom ERROR.LOG file

-c - console mode. You must specify the project name in command line.

Also, you can use project name as a command line parameter.

Example: MK.EXE -s -r "d:\My Migration Projects\ExportTasks.mkp"

Return codes

The program returns a few error codes in console mode:

  • not 0 - project execution error(s) found
  • 0 - project executed successfully

How to use return codes? The user can use ERRORLEVEL environment variable in batch file after the program execution. ECHO.%ERRORLEVEL% line shows return code and IF ERRORLEVEL can be used for execution branching.