Command Line Options

DTM DB Stress supports following command line switches:

-r - if present, run specified or recent project at program startup;

-q - quit application after project execution.

-@ - use custom connection profile.

-c - console mode*.

-x - disable connection restoring. Please use it for corrupted profiles or incorrect connections only.

* - supported by Professional and Enterprise versions only.
You can use project name as a command line parameter.

Connection profile can be created by Export button at the Connect Window.

The console mode is a mode when the program doesn't open any dialogs and doesn't need any interference from the user. A project file for the console mode must be prepared and tested beforehand. The program will use the recent database connection in console mode.


"C:\Program Files\DTM DB Stress\stress.exe" -r -@d:\acc.conprof "d:\MyProjects\Clients Activities.stp"

Important: you should quote executable and project name if spaces are present in the path.