Product Versions

There are three versions of the software product. Please refer the following table to explore differences between the product versions.

With professional and enterprise versions you can use runtime license. This license allows your team to run stress test process without full DTM DB Stress license.

Option Standard Professional and Runtime Enterprise
Maximum number of concurrent threads 64 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Maximum number of SQL parameters 10 99 99
Values file delimiter customization No, TAB only Yes Yes
Product Settings export and import features No Yes Yes
Statistics interval customization No, 30 seconds only Yes Yes
Custom task connections No Yes Yes
Import script feature No Yes Yes
"By group" execution mode No Yes Yes
Built-in data generator No Yes Yes
Task prologue and epilogue scripts No Yes Yes
Console mode No Yes Yes
SQL Library No No Yes
The report comparison feature No No Yes
The report Visualizer No No Yes
Visual Source Safe support No No Yes
Performance counter feature support No No Yes
The execution plan feature support No No Yes

* - your operating system can limit the number of threads. For most cases, this limit is about 2028 threads.