Execution Report

The program can create three report types. They are:

  1. HTML report contains summary information, execution times for project, tasks and threads.
  2. Text/Excel report contains threads-level information in machine readable tab-delimited format. It can be open by Microsoft Excel.
  3. SQL statements report. This report contains actually executed SQL statements with the time of execution and fetching.
  4. Internal report. This report is suitable for report comparison and available in the Enterprise edition only.

The following table describes most important report items.

Project Initialization Time Sum of initialization time of all active project's tasks
Total Project Execution Time Actual (objective) time of the project execution including initialization and termination
Execution Mode Please, refer to "execution modes" for details
Task Initialization TimeActual (objective) time of the task preparation including all threads creation and run
Total Task DurationSum of all task's threads execution time
Executed timesNumber of completed iterations of the current thread
Average SpeedAverage number of completed iterations per second
Max DurationMaximum time (seconds) was spent to current thread execution
Min DurationMinimum time (seconds) was spent to current thread execution
Total DurationTotal thread execution time including initialization and data rows fetching