Additional Task Properties

This tab helps the user to specify additional properties of the task.
They are:

  1. A number of iterations to be performed before the task is executed. Important: this option works with "by task property" execution mode only.
  2. Task priority - normal, high or low.
  3. The delay between iterations during the task execution. The user can specify minimum and maximum interval size. The program uses exact interval size in case right border not specified or <= than the left border.
  4. The delay between SQL statement execution (for tasks that contain more than one SQL statements). The user can specify minimum and maximum interval size.
  5. The program can add a delay between the first SQL statements execution for the script mentioned above. Please set up "Initial statement delay" value (0 by default) for this purpose.
  6. Fetch all obtained records into the result set or only the specified number of the first ones. This option makes sense only for tasks that produce a result set.
  7. Output information for the task. The program will create data file "Task_#_Thread_#.txt" with fetched data if this option is switched on and the user provide correct output folder. The file format is tab-delimited without column header.
  8. Group number (Professional and Enterprise versions only)
DTM DB Stress: Task options screenshot