How to build test documents with custom structure?

Most test data generators deal with databases systems or files or can generate predefined structure like tabular, XML or even JSON. But how to get massive data for testing if your application or service uses a custom file or document format?

What kind of data do we mean? Containers, messages, HTML files, log files, product configurations, etc. All these files have an internal structure with variable fragments like login, message time, product name, price.

Let's define "template" as a document that describes static parts of the structured file and items to be generated randomly. The static part can contain structure items, formatting or technical information.

Sample template as a custom test file generation pattern

Of course, we want to be able to iterate changeable parts. For example, log file consists of events, one per line. We need to generate thousands of lines. To be realistic we should be able to add some variance to a number of iteration of the text fragment. E.g. the list of properties can contain 3 to 6 items.

Also, most structures have internal dependencies. If user name is Mike Holmes, we expect to create something like as e-mail. We call it "realistic data".

Now we are ready to offer the fast tool to fit all mentioned requirements. It is DTM File Factory. The tool was designed for non-tabular test documents generation. It can operate with text templates as well as with templates with non-printable symbols.

The file factory supports a lot of data generation methods and external data sources. We hope you already acquainted with our product line for test data making.

Also, the tool offers rich integration functions. It can run the external executable for each generated document as well as call web service with. The complete command line support allows you to integrate it in any testing process pipeline.

DTM File Factory output options: file, external executable, web-service, text output

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