Reseller Program

If you would like to become our reseller or you have questions about these opportunities, please contact us at

Resellers usually work using the following scheme: they purchase the license with discount (see below), add something to the price and resell the license to final users.

Reseller can purchase software at a discount based* on the number of sales (deals) that they are making during one month.

Sales per month Discount
1-2 deals or 3-5 copies of the item 5-10%
3-10 deals or 6 to 10 copies of the item 20%
11-24 deals 35%
25 and more deals 50%

* - except Annual Support and Update subscription. We do not offer volume discounts for this item.

Please, add link to our website in your vendor list:

<a href="">DTM Database Tools</a>: data generators, comparison, documenting and migration software.