Database Structure Navigation Tool Overview

DTM Schema Inspector is a database schema browsing and management tool (also known as Object Inspector before 2004) that let you work with database schemas more effectively. The program lets the users work simultaneously with any number of database schemas (structure) and displays information in a convenient tree-view format, as well as offers current views of database contents and properties.

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Key Features

  • Simultaneous connection. The user can browse Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server schemas as well as two or more DB2 schemas at the same or different servers.
  • Database independent. The user can analyze Microsoft SQL Server database as well as Oracle or Interbase one. The software product supports most popular unified database interfaces: ODBC, IDAPI, and OLE DB as well as native Oracle Call Interface.
  • Quick data browse option allows the user to view database data. The permissions browser is a table-based tool for view object-level permissions.
  • Filtering option for database objects (by name, type, database name or objects text).
  • DTM Schema Inspector is an application that supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003/2008/2012.

Why DTM Schema Inspector

  • Database schema snapshots support helps the user to browse database structure history.
  • Powerful search tool makes navigation easy for large-scale database schemas.
  • Export schema to SQL script feature allows users to create a set of DDL statements for database metadata.
  • DDL scripts browser: view and export features.
  • Drop and rename object options.
  • Enable/disable triggers (for Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases only).

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