Annual Support and Update Subscription

When you order any product by DTM soft (except "Site" and "World" licenses) you are entitled to one year free technical services and support automatically. Also, during one year, you may access to free updates to the product when and as DTM soft publishes them on
Important: After the end of the described period you may continue to use the software product in accordance with the terms of License Agreement except free support and upgrades. Also, we'll fix for free any critical problems during product version lifetime (24 months).

The Annual Support and Upgrade subscription entitles you to receive free upgrades of the product beyond the first year after purchase. You can order the Annual Support and Upgrades subscription at any time either before the validity period of the previous contract is over or later.

There are three subscription levels: Standard (order, US$75 per year), Professional (order, US$100 per year) and Enterprise (order, US$125 per year). The user should select the same level of the subscription as a previously ordered product by DTM soft.

The validity period of a contract begins from the moment you purchase the software product - the date of ordering the subscription does not matter. You cannot access the new versions of the product released after the contract validity period is over.

DTM Database Tools: Support and Upgrade subscription chart