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Product / Download Item Version License Size, Kb
DTM SQL editor Standard Demo 1401
DTM SQL editor Professional Demo 1412
DTM SQL editor Enterprise Demo 1419
DTM Schema Reporter Standard Demo 3585
DTM Schema Reporter Professional Demo 3588
DTM Migration Kit Demo 3181
DTM Data Generator Standard Demo 4447
DTM Data Generator Professional Demo 4453
DTM Data Generator Enterprise Demo 4503
DTM Flat File Generator Demo 3780
DTM File Factory Standard Demo 3685
DTM File Factory Professional Demo 3686
DTM Test XML Generator Demo 3784
DTM Data Generator for Excel Demo 3940
DTM Data Generator for JSON Demo 3728
DTM Data Editor Demo 3069
DTM DB Stress Standard Demo 3942
DTM DB Stress Professional Demo 3948
DTM DB Stress Enterprise Demo 4192
DTM Data Modeler Demo 3264
DTM Data Scrubber Demo 3764
DTM Data Comparer Demo 3417
DTM Schema Comparer Standard Demo 3043
DTM Schema Comparer Professional Demo 3049
DTM Query Reporter Demo 3403
DTM Schema Inspector Demo 3736
DTM DB Event Demo 2949
DTM Database Content Analyzer Demo 2966

Plug-in modules for DTM SQL editor

Plug-in License Size, Kb
Run Query Analyzer Free 20
Run External Tool Free 21
Compare scripts using WinDiff Free 20
Insert module information comment Free 16
Run Oracle SQL*Plus Free 21
Save and Load execution history Free 32
Send Script by e-mail Free 18
Run external preprocessor * Free 18
Simply C-like preprocessor * Free 19
Run External Tool after script execution * Free 20

* - DTM SQL editor Standard does not support this plug-in.

Supplemental files and database utilities

Product License Size, Kb
DTM ODBC Manager , x86, Unicode Free 2750
DTM ODBC Manager, x64, Unicode Free 3080
DTM Dashboard , Win32, Unicode Free 852
Command line SQL runner for ODBC connections
x86 and x64
Free 70
ODBC driver list export tool ? Free 16
JDBC driver list export tool Free 5
ODBC data source name list export tool Free 15
OLE DB provider list export Free 19
Run command in iterative manner tool Free 20
Bulk Backup tool for Microsoft SQL Server Free 440