The new data masking facilities in DTM Data Generator.

The critical and private data protection is an important part of companies digital strategy. The data masking process replaces classified or personal data to random values with the same properties. For example, it can replace to

The Enterprise edition of DTM Data Generator offers data masking function as a data rule mode. It provides users with a lot of settings - source and target table names, individual column-level settings for data hiding, script saving, etc.

DTM Data Generator: Scrambling mode of the data rule

That means the user has to enter or check a lot of options. This way is not so suitable for hundreds of tables with typical settings. It was a reason why we've designed our DTM Data Masking Tool. What differences between the data masking process in this tool and the parent software?

  • The user provides information about database connections only once.
  • The user should not manage a target table name it is always the same as a source.
  • The tool offers simple set* of about two dozens predefined generators for most popular cases: e-mails, address, phones.
  • It offers integrated UI without rules.
DTM Data Masking Tool, main window: tables, columns, generators

* - custom data generator can be used via "Custom generator" menu item as the data generation engine call.

Therefore the data masking tool does not allow the user to tune a lot of supplemental parameters. Actually, it is a UI for bulk data hiding operations. It requires four operations only:

1. Connections establishing to source and target databases.

Note: you can't use the same DB for both sides.

DTM Data Masking Tool, source and target database connections establishing

2. Selecting tables with the critical data

DTM Data Masking Tool, checking tables to be scrambled

3. Assigning generators to columns to be scrambled.

DTM Data Masking Tool, data generator selection for the column to be scrambled

4. Batch masking job execution

Just click "Run" button to do start the data masking process.

Under the hood, DTM Data Masking creates a compatible project file and execute it using the same engine as DTM Data Generator. Moreover, the user is enabled to open created project file with DTM Data Generator and modify it. However, we don't recommend to use it in DTM Data Masking again due to compatibility as we already mentioned this easy UI don't show most options and settings.