BLOB Function

$BLOB function scans a directory for files content. It uses the content of one random file as a source. By default, it uses hexadecimal presentation but text format is also available. The function has one mandatory and one optional parameter:

  1. Full path to source folder.
  2. (optional) integer value. 1 means 'use text presentation of the content', 0 (default) - hexadecimal.



Important: to create correct BLOB presentation the user has to add depended on the database prefix or quoting. There are samples:
\x'$BLOB(d:\images)' - for MySQL and SQLite database.
0\x$BLOB(d:\images) - for Microsoft SQL Server.
\X'$BLOB(d:\images)' or HEX('...') - for IBM DB2 database.
use TO_LOB conversion function in Oracle, etc.


  1. .NET edition of the engine supports text presentation only
  2. Java and Web edition of the engine do not support this function yet