Quote Function

The $Quote function allows to add the quotation to begin and end of the value depend on data type or unconditionally.
There are three parameters:

  1. Pattern.
  2. (optional) data type, see below. Apply quote always for default (empty parameter).
  3. (optional) quotation symbol, ' is default.
  4. (optional) 1 for double ' symbol for SQL compatibility. 0 is default.

Data Types

The function accepts numeric codes or string data type names. There is name list to be not quoted:
"integer", "decimal", "numeric", "smallint", "float", "real", "bigint", "tinying", "bit", "double", "date", "time".
The numeric data type codes can be found in the ODBC SDK or in files SQL.H + SQLEXT.H by Microsoft (R).


  1. $Quote(A{=3}) - calculate 'A{=3}' pattern, quote always.
  2. $Quote(A{=3},,|) - calculate 'A{=3}' pattern, quote always by '|' symbol.
  3. $Quote(A{=3},char) - calculate 'A{=3}' pattern, quote by data type 'char'.