The repeater is a one of the following sequences: {n}, {=n}, {n:m}

{n} means to repeat a symbol from 1 to n times. {} and {0} means do not repeat, i.e. {1}
Example: A{3}

{=n} means to repeat a symbol exact n times.
Example: N{=6}

{n:m} means to repeat a symbol from n to m times. 'n' can be '0' in this case. 'm' must be greater than 'n'.
Example X{2:5}

Important: the repeater can be applied to mentioned symbols only. Please consider block with the optional feature for functions or expressions.


($Lib(Cities))[#][#][#] repeats the same city between 1 and 4 times when
($Lib(Cities)[$Lib(Cities)][$Lib(Cities)][$Lib(Cities)] generates different cities between 1 and 4 times.