Array of Predefined Values

The $ListN creates a sequence of predefined values delimited by comma or user defined separator. The parameters are:

  1. Minimum string length. Integer, mandatory.
  2. Maximum string length. Positive integer, mandatory.
  3. Quote char, empty string means no quote required
  4. Sequence item separator, empty string means comma
  5. Values of list...

Note: use $Repeat call with nested $List call to tune the list generation in more details.


  1. $ListN(4,4,',,Y,\N) generates a sequence of Y and N letters with length 4 and quoted by '. For example: 'Y','Y','N','N'
  2. $ListN(0,3,,|,true,false) generates a sequence of 'true' and 'false' strings. The length between 0 and 4 with pipe as delimiter, without quotation. For example: true|true|false