Random Integer

The $RInt function generates random integers. This function has a few parameters. All of them are optional. They are:

  1. (optional) Low border, Integer, 0 by default.
  2. (optional) High border. Integer, 32000 by default.
  3. (optional) Format. String, default is '{0}' for .net edition of the library and '%d' for Win32, Java and Web editions.

Note: function call, local or global variable are acceptable as the first and second parameter.


  1. $Rint()
  2. $Rint(-5,5)
  3. $Rint(0,999,%05d)
  4. $Rint(@GV,#LV) - value between global variable GV and local variable LV

Limitation: the first and second parameters must be between -9223372036854775808 and 9223372036854775807