Value Library

The "Value Library" is a set of well-known data. It can be used by pattern engine (see $Lib and $LibGroup functions) to make generated data more realistic.

Currently, the library1 contains the following data sets:

Data setTable NameData ColumnsValues2
World citiesCitiesName, Country, State (for US cities only), State Code (for US cities only)1263
Closing sizesClosingsizesName11
Color setColorsName143
Companies listCompaniesName, ShortName, Domain673
Countries listCountriesName, Code2, Code3, Capital, Currency, CurrencyCode246
Week daysDaysName,Code2,Code3,Idx7
Sample company departmentsDepartmentsName15
File typesFileTypesName, MimeType, Description60
First namesFirstNamesName, Sex5146
First names nationalFirstName_NationalName, LatinName, Sex, Country631
Full namesFullNamesName373
GenderGenderName, Abbr, Code5
Sample industriesIndustriesName41
World languagesLanguagesName, Code2, Code3143
Last Name SamplesLastNamesName370
Legal formsLegalFormsName15
Name prefixesNamePreffixName7
Name suffixesNameSuffixName8
Sample occupations or positionsOccupationsName74
Streets listStreetsName, Country9185
US StatesUS_StatesName, Code, Capital52
Zip codesZipCodesName, Country670
  1. the library has SQLite 3 physical format and can be modified by DTM data Editor or any compatible tool
  2. the library database version 10-jan-2016.

Note: for most library functions call you can skip default column name ("Name").