Table of Content
Hot keys
HotkeyFunction or Option
 Ctrl+A  Select all text or data in grid
 Ctrl+B  Run SQL builder
 Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins  Copy selected text or item
 Ctrl+D  Disconnect current connection
 Ctrl+F  Search and replace
 Ctrl+E  Connect to data file
 Ctrl+G  Go to specified editor line
 Ctrl+L  Load file
 Ctrl+N  New editor window
 Ctrl+O  Connect to data source
 Ctrl+P  Print SQL script from current window
 Ctrl+Q  Exit program
 Ctrl+R  Execute current script
 Ctrl+S  Save current script
 Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins  Paste test
 F1  Show help file
 F3  Search Next
 Alt+F7  Product settings
 Ctrl+X  Export results
 Ctrl+<number>  Set text bookmark
 Ctrl+Shift+<number>  Go to bookmark
 Ctrl+Shift+<letter>  Insert text for macros